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Global Dental Scheme - what does that mean?

All of our membership plan patients have access to the Global Dental Scheme

However we often get asked what is it and what are the benefits to our patients. Full details can be found here but we have summarised the benefits below for you. The linked document above explains the exact amounts payable.

Emergency treatment when away from home:

If you require emergency treatment when away from home and cannot reasonably get to the practice to see your usual dentist they may pay towards the cost of your treatment. They won't however pay if you are within 25 mile of our practice or if you have been away from home for over 90 days. You can claim up to £450 per emergency.

Emergency call out

If you have a dental emergency and you call a practice for advice and the dentist comes out to visit you or opens the practice out of hours for you then you can claim up to £200. They would not cover the first £15 of your treatment cost.

Dental accident

If you have an accident that results in the need for dental treatment by your dentist depending on the treatment required you can claim some money back from the scheme towards it. For example up to £325 for a root canal. These claims cannot exceed £20,000 in one year. This benefit also includes your dependents up to the age of 23. However you must contact the scheme prior to going ahead with treatment as they may not pay out if treatment has already taken place, you must also contact them within 7 days of the accident. If you are taking part in sports and an accident occurs they will not pay out if the appropriate gum shield was not been worn where required.


If you are admitted into hospital as an inpatient under the care of a person who specialises maxillofacial surgery or dental surgery you can claim £70 per day.

Mouth cancer

If you are diagnosed with mouth cancer while your plan is in place you could be paid up to £2500. Your plan needs to have been in place for 90 days prior to the diagnosis and it will not be paid if the cancer is a result of chewing tobacco, alcohol abuse or drug abuse.

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