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5 ways to love your teeth this valentines day!

Tip 1 - Brush your teeth correctly

Ensure you brush your teeth both morning and night, holding your brush at a 45 degree angle in gentle circular strokes. Aim to brush for two minutes and don't rinse the toothpaste of your teeth at the end just spit out the excess. Make sure you are replacing your toothbrush every 3 months or after you have been ill.

Tip 2 - Floss or use interdental brushes

When you brush your teeth you still miss the gaps between your teeth so it is important to floss or use interdental brushes. Why not pick up a pack of Tepes when you next visit us at the practice - during your hygiene appointment our therapist can help you to select the right size. It is always best to floss or use interdental brushes before you brush so you can remove anything that comes from between your teeth.

Tip 3 - Regular hygiene appointments

Book a scale and polish when you book your check up, did you know that you can book in with our therapist at any time for a scale and polish, you don't have to be due a check up and you can also just book in for a clean even if you get your check ups elsewhere. During this appointment you can also ask for cleaning advice that you can do at home if you are unsure of brushing technique etc.

Tip 4 - Avoid sugar

When mixed with the bacteria in your mouth sugar turns into acid that can stick to your teeth causing the enamel to erode. Dark chocolate is a great choice if you are craving a sweet treat.

Tip 5 - Make sure you attend regular check ups

Your dentist will advise how often you need to come and see them at the practice, this is usually every 6 months but can vary from person to person. By keeping up with regular check ups the dentist can keep a check on all of your teeth, keep your x-rays up to date and catch any problems sooner rather than later. To spread the cost of your check ups why not join our membership plan?

Hope you all have a wonderful valentines day!

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